Sephora Favorites: Gleamy Dreamy All-Over Face Makeup Set Review

Sephora Favorites: Gleamy Dreamy All-Over Face Makeup Set Review

Everyone knows Sephora is a beauty store where you can find almost anything and everything related to makeup, skincare, body care, hair care, and self-care, but they also released curated sets under their Sephora Favorites brand. A few times a year you can count on them to release a new makeup set that includes a few full-size makeup products and other goodies for a discounted price, and the newest set released is the Gleamy Dreamy All-Over Face - Sephora calls this the "no makeup makeup set."

This set comes with everything securely packaged inside pretty peach makeup bag made of silicone, with a paper sleeve wrapped around it that give you more information about the products inside.

This was another lovely set from Sephora- I adore that it came with four full-sized products and two travel-sized products- the only product that came in a size not currently available for sale was the REFY highlighter. This set definitely pushed me a tiny bit out of my makeup comfort zone, but I am really happy it did because I think the look this set helps create is quite pretty. The value is great, too- it's a few dollars above the promised value of $116, and it has a high personal value to me because I have already been using multiple products in the set multiple times. If you're on the fence about giving this set a try, I think it's worth it- but it may stay in stock long enough for you to be able to grab it! 


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